Mind AdventuresMind Adventures is a community of young people seeking fictional and non-fictional adventures.

To start with, we love to read but life is not in black and white. Finding time to read is a bit difficult as we juggle school, 9-5 jobs, entrepreneurship and all the ghen ghen things we do. So, we find solace in each other and entrust each other with ourselves.

First we pick a book (Based on popular choice), read it or the summary. Then, we pick a spot to hangout and discuss the book. We visit different spots in Lagos (and soon Nigeria, Africa and the world), discovering our environment as months go by. We are accountable to each other and we ensure that everyone in the community is on top of their game.

In summary, we read and chill. So join the tribe of cool kids, who are not just cool by mouth, but are cool, ocean deep and shore warm. They love to read, improve themselves, meet cool people, discover new places and learn more about their environment.

Join the tribe of misfits, cool kids, smarty pants, bookies, foodies and the fun pack. Register here.